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YOUR story is wonderful,

photographing it is the best way not to FORGET it!

With Cristian, we have the privilege to be near couples during their the Special day. Working so that this day will never be forgotten and will stay alive through images which will excite even after a long time.

We are photographers based in Pescia (near Lucca and Florence), Tuscany, but we work in all of Italy and in the world.

Cristian and I will be honored to photograph your wedding, but are we sure that we are the right ones for you?

I am NOT the right one if:

_You are looking for someone to tell you what to do, when to do it and where to do it.

_You are looking for someone to kidnap you after your make-up, to take hundreds of photos of you posing in front of the window or in your home garden.

_Look for someone who yells at you: “touch each other, look at each other, kiss each other, love each other”.

We are always have this objective: create a story through photos, a narration of photos as faithful and natural as possible, above we like telling Emotions. All there will NEVER be the same photos as the previous event, precisely because you are UNIQUE.

Starting with the first contact with you, we like establis a rapport and a feeling of confidence to create a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere that permits me to give life to spontaneous pictures full of meaning and sentiment.

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Many customers describe us with one word “empathy”: the ability to “put themselves in the other’s shoes” thus perceiving emotions and thoughts.

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It’s true, I don’t hide from you that according to the environment, at the moment, to the sounds and smells, our perceptions change and always give me different emotions. As you have already noticed, every event or memory is special and has the right to be remembered, each of us wants to leave a memory to relive and review whenever he wants.

So, if you are reading here it is because you have found what you were looking for and we are here to do this for you.

Have a look at some of my work click here and, if you like it, contact me for an appointment or price quotation > here.