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Wedding Reportage

YOUR story is wonderful,
photographing it is the best way not to FORGET it!
Marriage is not only the “culmination of love”, but also the beginning of a story that starts on the day when “I do” is pronounced.

As owner of the Alice Franchi Photography, I have the privilege of being close to the happy couple during the first day of their romantic story, working so that this day will never be forgotten and will stay alive through images which will excite even after a long time.

I’m a wedding photographer based in Pescia (near Lucca and Florence), Tuscany, but I work in all of Italy and in the world.

The photos are made Reportage style, from preparation of the couple until the end of the day; in with the discrete approach, attention to details and spontaneity are the main ingredients.

I always have this objective: create a story through photos, a narration of photos as faithful and natural as possible, but above all there will NEVER be the same photos as the previous event, precisely because you are UNIQUE and you will always create unique atmospheres and moments.

That’s why I try to establish, starting with the first contact with the future Bride and Groom, a rapport and a feeling of confidence to create a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere that permits me to give life to natural and spontaneous pictures full of meaning and sentiment.

Wedding Photography

Taking photographs at a wedding, or a ceremony in general, is very different from photographing a landscape or creating a photo book and requires specific professional skills: a good wedding photography involves a skill, knowledge and a particular experience; in essence, you cannot improvise this work, not even if you are able to use a professional camera.

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Naturalness and spontaneity

I think I have these peculiarities and through wedding reportage – style borrowed from photojournalism – supported by my colleagues, I do not just simply take pictures, but I tell a story, just like a writer would, but through pictures: there are characters, including of course the protagonists, the newlyweds, but above all their emotions of that day which they will remember all their lives and which show through their faces and their attitudes; in the background, details and landscapes, captured in the right way, to contextualize

In my narration for images through the wedding reportage, I do not interfere with the natural course of events, but become almost invisible, mingling among the guests and documenting what is happening as it takes place, without interacting with the couple and requiring forced poses. In fact I am not fond of contrived or studied photos, spontaneity is the key note of my work on a day such as that of a wedding.

It is often necessary to capture the bride and groom while they are moving, to capture natural aspects or rituals of an event that will never happen again and therefore deserves to be photographed in its most important moments, but also in detail, in the nuances that characterize it.

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A personal reportage for each couple

Naturally everything is accomplished according to what the couple require. I like to be in tune with the couple, to understand what they want, because every wedding, like people, is different: the wedding reflects the character and personality of the couple and I want this to emerge from the photos.

All future spouses, however, want their special moments to be captured and want to look their best.
It is up to the photographer, to me, to make this happen!

All the pictures of this special day will then be collected in an original Wooden Box containing a USB key with all their photos.

At an extra cost, you can also buy an album to look at whenever you want.

Have a look at some of my work and, if you like it, contact me for an appointment: we can talk about how to narrate, then remember, the beginning of the “journey” of love.