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Photography by Alice Franchi – Wedding Photography Tuscany

Hello, we are Alice and Cristian

Cristian and I, we are workmates, but also friends and above all husband and wife. Beyond photography we love to travel, especially with our motorcycles Our Travel!

An innate passion for photography in all its forms, this animates US!!!

With Cristian we like to shoot together. Your “DAY” is something UNIQUE and the moments will not be repeated.


  • “Photography is mute, but the image in its visual language, speaks of truth …” – Steve Mc Curry –

The world inspires us, we lik the metal/rock music, we like the tattos, we like narrating our travels, through photography and the truth as it is, without filters or mediation. Every moment, moment has the right to be lived, but also to be remembered.

We’re interested above all in capturing emotions in everywhere contexts.

Priority is given to professionalism and reliability but without neglecting the passion for my work, return images which allow you to have the same feelings as the moment when captured by the lens and immortalized by the photo.

Travelling both in Italy and abroad, we realize our photography always with a touch of art.

  • Because of the complexity of wedding photography and to ensure the quality of work, we accept only a limited number of wedding, so as to ensure every customer the highest quality.

Our works begins with listening to you and your projects, so, if you have any idea to offer, contact us!

Destination Wedding in Tuscany, Austria, Germany, Spain and more…

Me                        Cristian