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Trash the dress

Wearing the wedding dress in an unconventional way for unforgettable photos

The dress after the wedding: we used to keep it in the wardrobe, now it has become an excuse for being photographed even after the ceremony

Every bride looks for and chooses her wedding dress very carefully, in order to be at her very best
on her wedding day, wearing the dress of her dreams. But, once the big day is over, what happens to the bridal dress?

By tradition you keep it jealously, as a reminder of what probably is the most important event of your life, perhaps to see your daughter wearing it one day (a custom especially in the past).

But recently there is a trend, completely opposite to the old custom, of destroying the wedding dress: “trash the dress”. Literally it means “ruin the dress”, in which one was married, during a photographic service some time after the ceremony.

“Ruin the dress” for a happy marriage

The original meaning of this gesture is positive and superstitious: the bride destroys her white dress to ward off any possibility of wearing it again, and so wishing for a marriage that will last a lifetime. For some, however, it is merely a symbolic act, as a rebellion against the traditional, composed and clean image of the bride.

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A trend that comes from the USA, history

In America, and generally in Anglo-Saxon countries, it has been a must for years and, while not yet established here in Italy, this trend where the new bride destroys her wedding gown while being photographed, is becoming popular. According to some sources, this trend was inaugurated by the wedding photographer John Michael Cooper in Las Vegas in 2001; certainly, however, the idea of destroying a wedding dress has been used symbolically in Hollywood at least since October ’98 when in the Sunset Beach show Meg Cummings ran into the ocean wearing her wedding dress after her wedding ceremony was interrupted.

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Particular scenarios for a “Trash the Dress” service

The Alice Franchi photography  also offers the “trash the dress”service, where the bride and groom wear their wedding outfits once again in unusual environments, creating a contrast with the elegance of the wedding “gowns”: a beach, a field, a roof, abandoned roads, dumps etc., where they play, run, have fun, and when especially the bride behaves as if what she is wearing is not a garment to be treated wisely and carefully, rolling in mud or on the sea shore, getting it creased, wet, dirty and even torn; or, instead of using natural situations, they are coloured with poster paints or sprays. Then there are those who, not wanting to feel any remorse, instead of wearing their wedding dress, prefer to wear another dress which they can damage without fear … but, in principle, those who choose this kind of service do so with their lavish and beautiful wedding dress.

Locations and situations are chosen with the bride and groom

Together with the couple who rely on me for this kind of service, we choose the scene they prefer, which must be the best for this purpose, and decide how to make the shooting: in essence, both for the location and for the situations there are virtually endless possibilities. In any case, in the mud, among the waves, the sand or in disused warehouses, I always look for the natural and spontaneous shooting, the perfect and memorable one for the bride and groom.