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Maternity photographic service

Maternity: a story of a sweet period of waiting

A new life that is slowly growing in your belly, your body that changes to accomodate the baby, the feelings that accompany it, the sweet and patient time of waiting until the birth.

A woman expecting a baby is always a miracle and portraying it allows her to keep the emotion of pregnancy. The mother can in fact experience it again, together with her child, the child’s father and
all those who are dear and near to the child.

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How to grasp the emotions of pregnancy

My Alice Franchi Photographic Studio has experience in this type of service. We shoot with professionalism, care and skill in order to grasp the strong sensations on the face and in the behaviour of the future mother in those months.
A period full of hope, happiness, pleasant disorientation and a little apprehension.

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The mother to be chooses the moment, the look and the location

What is the best time to do a maternity service? The mother to be can choose. Obviously it is better from the third month onwards when the belly is more visible and about 2 months from when the baby is due is perfect. Those who want can be photographed during the various stages of pregnancy, to document the growth of the belly and, along with it, the emotion!


The future mum will choose where she prefers: outdoors or indoors, in her own home or in our studio. You can combine photos taken indoors with those taken outdoors.

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The protagonist chooses what to wear. The important thing is that you feel at ease, relaxed and calm. You can therefore opt to be fully dressed or in underwear. You can change clothes and also use objects related to the baby.

You can also have “family” photos with the future father, brothers and sisters of the baby.

So, if you are pregnant, contact me and together we can study how to put this magic in pictures.