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Save the Date e Thank You Card

An American tradition popular also in Italy

“Save the date” precedes the wedding invitations, announcing the event from 6 months to 1 year before this has been a tradition in America for many years. It is fun and original and less formal than a wedding invitation. Usually it is a postcard created with a photo, but can also have other forms, and is sent to all the wedding guests.

The formula of “Save the date” has been readapted, it’s used for the wedding invitations or as a thankyou card or to send as a greeting card.

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Postcards or cards with photo and / or personalized graphics

The Photographic Studio also makes Save the date, Wedding Invitation, Thank you Cards”and more from existing photos, like those of the wedding reportage, engagement service or others. One or more photos can be chosen for the cards, which can be personalized, graphically if desired. Cards can also be made with just graphics, without photos, with the themes and designs the customer prefers.

From the simplest solutions to those of effect, we can create, by speaking with you, something which will be much appreciated by those who receive it.

Alice Franchi thank U card

The Thank You Card: an original way for thanking people.

The wedding day is unforgettable and arrives after a long time of preparation When over, there is a last duty to be done: to thank everybody. All those who joined your celebration: with their presence, giving you a wedding gift, sending a congratulatory message (neighbours, colleagues, friends and relatives) must be thanked. You can do this with the “Thank you cards”.

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A gesture that will be much appreciated

Our studio makes Thank you cards, which – like the Save the date – will allow you to express your style once more. We can prepare them to be sent immediately after the wedding or when you come back from your honeymoon.

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Preparations before the wedding day

It is essential to be ready in time because normally one or more photos from the wedding reportage is used to create these cards, together with a chosen graphic and a phrase (invented by the couple, an aphorism or quote).

We will agree on the format, paper, graphics and texts before the ceremony and later we will submit some photos that we consider suitable or you can choose your own.

The result will be the right thank you for those who have shown you their affection in this happy moment.