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Real Life

Real Life, Moments of daily life

This is a new non-standard photo shoot, totally focused on YOURSELF, which will be portrayed in your moments of daily life: at home while cooking, or while you’re sitting on the sofa watching TV or reading a magazine, while you’re playing with your children or while you’re getting ready to go out. 

For this reason one hour is not enough to make the photo shoot, the work may need much more time, maybe a whole day or more than one, but don’t panic! I will be able to make you feel at ease, just like a friend or a relative would, I won’t be an intruder. 

A good idea is also to photograph during mealtime: for children this is the funniest moment of the day, possibly with some whim, but that’s the beauty. 🙂 

The photos we are going to take won’t be the classical fake and contrived exposures: everything will be authentic and real in order to give back an image of you with “no filters”: you my appear without make-up, with messy hair but most of all SPONTANEOUS, and that will be the beauty: depicting the REAL moments of your life.

Yes, that’s Wonderfull!!!

Nowadays no one ever stops to think, we are so absorbed by the rush and the routine that we often forget who we are and we miss those important moments we live every day. Instead, we should say to ourselves “stop”, look at what surround us, take some minutes to dedicate to ourselves, family, husband, wife, children or simply to our furry friends.

What are you waiting for? Contact me! 

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