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Family photos, photographic service

A spontaneous portrait of a family

The photographic service dedicated to families and children is a way for you, the protagonists, to spend a few hours together interacting spontaneously.

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Pictures of everyday life

In fact you will be immortalized in being a family, while you are carefree, “observed” by the discreet and never intrusive gaze of the lens. Yes, because everything will take place in a natural way, as per the philosophy of the Alice Franchi Photographic Studio, so you will hardly be aware of our presence. We will capture the harmony and the bond that joins you, embedded forever in pictures that will never fail to move you. In fact, besides special occasions: wedding cerimonies,, christenings, communions, confirmations, it will be lovely to look at moments of everyday life, perceiving from the photos the feeling of love which holds the family together: this is the Kids&Family service we offer.

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Spontaneous and free in front of camera

Not only adults, but also children, even the very young, will be put at ease, without poses, and will not get bored because it takes only a few hours. They can express themselves freely, emphasizing the magic that exists between them and their parents or even, why not, other family members (grandparents, uncles, aunts etc.). The clothes to wear will be what you prefer, those which are most comfortable based also on where and what kind of place you want the photos taken. Photos can be taken as you prefer (just the children with mum or with dad etc) and others with groups. You choose the location: outdoors or indoors or both. It will, however, be a significant place, maybe even your own home, in short, an environment that makes you feel relaxed and in harmony .

Contact us and together we will discuss how to make your family “portrait” perfect.

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