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F.A.Q / Pricing – Wedding Photography Tuscany
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F.A.Q / Pricing

  • Which are the prices?

There is no specific grid regarding pricing, but our work start at a base of 1,850€ (the price does NOT include the Album, prints or travel) contact Us to request a personalized quote .

We value quality over quantity, so we shoot only a dozen wedding per year, to match your wishes and to make sure we can deliver the images you are expecting to get.
  • Travel for work?

Yes, wherever you want! We LOVE traveling! Distance is not an obstacle. We are curious by nature, and we will shoot everything we will see, everywhere and all the time.

(Destination Wedding in Tuscany, Austria, Germany, Spain and more…)
  • Do you have insurance?

We have a private insurance valid all over the world. Ask me for details about the guarantees it offers. 

  • Do you have time or shooting limits on my wedding day?

No, the shots are Unlimited. I offer a basic package with 8 hours of coverage, I also limited packages (4h or 6h) and packages with unlimited time. We will stay with you until you need it.

  • What is your photographic style?

Which photographic style? I am NOT the right one if:

You are looking for someone to tell you what to do, when to do it and where to do it.

You are looking for someone to kidnap you after your make-up, to take hundreds of photos of you posing in front of the window or in your home garden.

You’re looking for someone to ask you to grab the bouquet, bring it close to your face, and look at me smiling.

Look for someone who yells at you: “touch each other, look at each other, kiss each other, love each other”.

  • How many of you will photograph the wedding?

With Cristian we like to shoot together, but the number of photographers is not important, the result is important. Based on your needs I will advise you best to get the best result. Your wedding or your moment is something unique and has the right to be remembered in the years to come.

  • How long does it take to deliver the job?

In 2 months!

  • Do you offer any additional service?

Yes, of course! Ask Us about: “Elopement” , “Premaman”, “Family”, “Trash the Dress” …etc.

  • Do you make a videos?

We are also taking this path, but for now we rely on them. You can contact Emanuele Mura or GattoTigre …but soon we will be ready to give you this service.

  • Do you concede printing right?

Yes! You can print the photos in high quality ready for printing wherever and whenever you want.

  • Can I frankly print an album on my own without letting you know?

YES! Of Course!

  • Can you print an album for me?

YES! The album is edited by an Italian craftsman, prices may vary based on size and pages. Here you find all the information.

  • Ok, I want you as my photographer, how do I book?

It’s easy. Contact Us choose the package you prefer and leave a 20% deposit.

You can pay: Pay Pal or bak transfer.

  • Do you know a music band for our party?

SURE! You contact Tom Alluna , Tasten’ Sax or Golden Salt. They are SUPER!!!

  • What equipment do you use?

Use both reflex and mirrorless (Canon, Sony and Nikon).

  • Are you a Full-Time photographer?

Yes, this is our VAT: IT0167230472

  • Are you member of any Photography Association?

Association and Awards: