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The photographic service of Engagements: portraits of a journey of love

Photos of two lovers kissing, joking, hugging perhaps in a romantic setting: this type of photographic service is called engagement photography and is achieved by a professional photographer to capture the feeling that joins the two people.

“Engagement Photography” started in the USA and has become popular also here, many engaged couples want pictures that represent and express what binds them so they can share them with everyone or keep them just for themselves.

Alice Franchi fotografa Liguria

Daily life and spontaneity captured in places special to the engaged couple

The Alice Franchi photography also realizes photographic services for engagements. Usually just a few hours with the engaged couple are sufficient for me and my staff to achieve the photos which record perfectly, and in a satisfactory way for them, that special something which is love between two people. Together we choose the most suitable locations for the background to the “story”- usually outdoors, but not only – which may be places that have a special significance to the couple, places or moments of their time together: where they met or where they declared their love, their first kiss or the marriage proposal but also home environments, maybe the home they already share; in short, all the places where they are or have been happy, a perfect setting for the romantic story which will be told through pictures.

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The differences compared to the wedding reportage

Obviously this is something very different from a wedding photographic service: there is no anxiety or haste like on the wedding day and it does not take place in a unique and unrepeatable moment but during daily moments of the engaged couple. So no bulky dresses, high heels and elaborate hairdos (specially for women) but comfortable, casual clothes in which the engaged couple are at ease, for photos which will capture the easiness and joy of being together which they can relive by looking at them in the future.

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For those who are getting married or for those who just want to testify their love

Therefore everything takes place in a very natural way, which is generally my approach, avoiding posed pictures or unnatural settings and putting the couple perfectly at ease so their love can shine through in totally spontaneous situations. Also couples who are not planning to get married but who wish to seal their bond in this way ask for this service, to show others or just to keep for themselves. But there are many engaged couples who ask me for this service before the wedding date has been fixed: in this case they can put me to the test as wedding photographer and maybe decide, then or later, to have me do their wedding reportage!

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